Email Cleaner Guide

Email Cleaner is created to ensure that you send high volume emails avoiding deliverability issues. The system works by reducing and eliminating invalid and inactive email addresses.

To verify the Email ID

Go to Email cleaner application

Verify your Email by one click

Click on the verify email option

Single Validation

Verify your email by clicking on the single verification option and get the instant results.

Single Validation results

Here you can see in the status whether the email address is safe or unsafe and the reason for the same.

Bulk Validation

Access our Bulk Email verification upload page by simply uploading your data and clicking on the verify option.

Bulk Validation results

After uploading the file the data will reflect here and you can see the status of the verification getting completed and then you can download the detail report.

Detailed report

After downloading you will get a detailed report of the data in a excel sheet form where you can track whether the email addresses are safe or unsafe.


You can check your current Email cleaner price here. In the below screen there is only sample data. Please contact your relationship manager for pricing based on your volume.

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