SMS Guide

Get your messages instantly in your inbox with rapid and reliable messages, and reach out to millions of customers within a short span of time.

How To Send SMS

Go to SMS App
Your SMS balance will be shown on the right side. The Calculation for SMS count done by Wallet/Price per SMS. Ex. You have amount 10 in your wallet balance, your Per SMS cost is 1 then you can send maximum 10 messages.
Click Create Campaign to send SMS,
Create SMS campaign

Create a Campaign

Send SMS Screen
  1. 1.
    Select Route - Route Name is the type of connectivity which is assigned to your account. Ex. Global - You can send Message all over the world but to get it activated contact support team or contact your Relationship Manager. One customer can have multiple routes. Ex Promotional, Transactional, Global (based on required countries).
  2. 2.
    Select Sender ID - To register your sender name ( Name by which SMS will get delivered it can be alpha, numeric or alphanumeric) Go to SMS App > Manage > Sender ID. Once your sender ID approved it will show in the drop-down list. You can contact sales or support for help.
  3. 3.
    To Numbers - Sending messages on numbers is easy.
    • Numbers In the first text box, you can copy-paste the numbers from your excel file. You can copy up to 2,50,000 numbers in one go.
    • Bulk Upload - You can upload the excel file directly up to 7,50,000 numbers in one go. Files supported are XLSX, CSV. The first column of excel file contains the numbers.
    • Customize or Personalize - You can send messages with multiple variables in the message Ex. First Name, Last Name etc. Create an excel file with all data available in multiple fields. One customer data should be in one raw ex. Mobile number, First Name, Last Name etc. Once you upload the file you will get choose to select the fields which contain the number, Other fields will be visible in Message you can select the fields wherever you want to merge in the message. Files supported are XLSX, CSV. The first column of excel file contains the numbers.
  4. 4.
    In the To Number, you can remove duplicate with unique functionality and can clear your number text screen with "Clear".
  5. 5.
    If you have created any templet you can select if from the drop-down or just copy-paste your message in the message box.
  6. 6.
    Select the language type of your message. If your message is in English, it always by default selected. If your message in any other language apart from English select " Unicode".
  7. 7.
    Type your message which you want to send to your customers.
  8. 8.
    Click on the checkbox of "schedule" if you want to schedule your campaign. It asks for Time-Zone, Date and Time on which SMS needs to be delivered.
  9. 9.
    It will count characters in your and based on that it will suggest how many messages or text it has become. Remember English message has 160 characters and Unicode has 70 characters.
  10. 10.
    Once all done click on "Send Now" It will show a confirmation screen and click on send. Your message will be submitted to the operator instantly.

Generating Reports

For every campaign, the real-time analysis is generated at every second. Different types of reports are generated like Analysis report, Sent report, Schedule report and Summary report. This data can be downloaded with the required filters. All the reports give us the results for the delivery of the submitted campaigns in detail.

Sender Name Register

For adding the sender name visit the page Manage>Sender ID
Sender Name Register
Now Add the Sender Name and select the Route Name.
Sender ID In India Can be of 6 Alphabets Only. It Cannot Club With Number or Special Character. Ex- TESTSF. International sender ID formats Vary from Country to Country.

Template Creation

The Template is a pre-decided content with a title name. The Template is made because it makes easy for re-sending the campaigns. To create a campaign go to SMS> Manage>Templates. Click on " Add template" to create a new template.
Template Creation Screen

Block Number

You can add numbers which should be blocked or dropped from your campaign list before sending the campaign. These number will not receive any messages from your account and you will not be changed for these number count. You can add as many as you want.
Block Number Screen

Pricing (Subscription)

You can check your current SMS price here. In the below screen there is only sample data. Please contact your relationship manager for pricing based on your volume.
Pricing Screen

Reports Types

Saino First provides 3 types of reports
Saino First Reports
Reports > Sent Report
  • Advance Search - Get Number wise search report based on any from and to date.
  • Analytics - Get a graphical view of your report.
  • View Detailed Reports - Each number wise report

Report Number Status

  • Delivered - Message delivered to the destination number.
  • Submitted - Sent to operator, Waiting for delivery report.
  • DND Failed - Number registered on Do not distrub (DND) service by operator.
  • Blocked - Number available in block number list.
  • Others - It is a combination of multiple errors - Retry Numbers, Undelivered, Timeout, Expired, Destination Barred, Unexpected error etc. Note -These errors shown in help in view detailed report and in download data.

Download Data

Select the From Date and To date and click on button "Download". Your reports will be processing for download. It will get downloaded in Zip files.


What is character limits in 1 Message?

Number of SMS character determines the number of messages generated. For Normal SMS, one message is equal to 160 characters. For Unicode SMS, one message is equal to 70 characters. Note: When you exceed even one character in the message, it will be considered as two messages.

How does delivery happen on DND and Non-DND?

DND numbers: All the transactional SMS are delivered to the end client without any obstacles and the promotional SMS can’t be delivered to the DND numbers (as they are already blocked from the service of promotional SMS). ​ Non-DND: All transactional and promotional SMS are delivered to Non-DND numbers.

Customize feature how to use it?

Use customize to send out personalized messages to your customers. You can have as many as fields you want in your excel file to upload it.

Which formate of file the bulk upload and customize support?

Files supported are XLSX, CSV. The first column of excel file contains the numbers.

How to convert message to any Unicode language?

Unicode SMS allows you to run a campaign in a language, in which you have opted the content. For example: If you want to send the SMS to all your customers in Hindi there are two steps you need to follow:
Step 1: Translate the content in the required language for your campaign (in this case it’s Hindi). You can use for any content conversion.
Step 2: Select the “Unicode” option before clicking on Send Now
Result for this would be, the SMS would be sent in Hindi.
Note - With the help of "Unicode" feature you can send SMS in any language.