Build better relationships with your recipients with every campaign you send. Create, design, and schedule your email campaign in a go.

How to send Email

Go to Email application

Before we start

  1. Under Manage section fill in all the details which are mandatory in the footer address section.

2. Fully brand your emails with your own domain name and improve your delivery with domain reputation. visit Varify Domain Tab and click on verify on your configured domain.

3. The third step is importing all of your contacts in saino first. You can do this action from the tab Contacts on the top menu or you can simply go to add people bar and add the contacts.

Set up your campaign

  1. Go to the create campaigns tab

2. Fill in all the details

  • Campaign Name Give your campaign a name, it will only be visible to you and is only used for organizing your campaigns. It will not be visible to your recipients.

  • Subject Line The single line of text that email recipients see when they receive your email in their inbox. This will determine whether your contacts decide to open your email.

  • From Email & From Name These allow your recipient to quickly identify you. They need to inspire confidence to encourage recipients to open your email. The From Name appears in your recipient's inbox to identify you as the message sender. Its purpose is to build trust with recipients and generate more openings. The default value is the company name provided in your profile [DEFAULT_FROM_NAME].

3. Attachments & Schedule

  • Add an attachment You can add one attachment to your email.

  • Send now You can choose to send a campaign immediately.

  • Schedule for a specific time You can schedule your campaign at a precise date and time.

  • Send it at the best time Select a date and Saino will use data science to determine when your contacts are most likely to engage and will send your emails at that time.

Design your campaign

Go to create template

Design tools

  • Drag & Drop feature (recommended) You can easily drag and drop pre-defined blocks (text, images, buttons) to create a wonderful email campaign that will automatically adapt to any device!

  • Pasting your code If your HTML code is already available, you can simply paste it into this editor.

From here you can edit your email template, update the name, create a copy of the template and can also delete if you want.


In reports, you will find the summary report and download options

Summary report

Where you will find an open rate, click rate and bounce rate. You check your email campaign by date or any field.

Email campaign metrics

To get the most from your email marketing, you need easy-to-understand yet powerful insights that are actionable. And here you can get all the metrics that will help to progress toward your goal.

Detailed report

Here you can search for a detailed report by simple putting the email ids.

Detailed Analytics

  • Total Email - Message delivered to the destination email addresses.

  • Bounce - There are two kinds of bounces to track: “hard” bounces and “soft” bounces. Soft bounces are the result of a temporary problem with a valid email address, such as a full inbox or a problem with the recipient’s server. Hard bounces are the result of an invalid, closed, or non-existent email address,

  • Sent - The percentage of email sent to the recipients.

  • Opened - The percentage of email recipients who open a given email.

  • Unsubscribed - The percentage of email recipients unsubscribe from your send list after opening a given email.

  • Clicked- The percentage of email recipients who clicked on one or more links contained in a given email.


Here you can easily download the reports of the campaign from any dates you want, you just simply have to mention the date from which you want the date to the end date of it.

Pricing (Subscription)

You can check your current Email price here. In the below screen there is only sample data. Please contact your relationship manager for pricing based on your volume.

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